Uffe Steen, a Danish guitarist and improviser and composer in the blues and jazz genre, has contributed to more than 80 releases as soloist and sideman. The latest releases are with Uffe Steen Trio, Grarup Allstars, Shades of Blue, Organic 3 and Indra Band
He is known as a versatile guitarist, who has his own unique playing style and sense of blues-saturated expression. He plays energetically and melodically, and travels effortlessly in the borderland between jazz, blues and rock.
In 2015, Uffe Steen received the prestigious Ben Webster award for his unique playing.
In 2017 he could also add a Uffe Steen DMA Live award to his resume.
2018 DMA Live award as a member and soloist in the blues group SHADES OF BLUE
In 2019 he received DMA Live award together with the group “Grarup AllStars”
He has released 4 CDs in his own name: “Hymn to Spring” “Play” and “Dust in My Coffee” and “Twangz”.
The latest release is the CD “Doppler Effect” : Uffe Steen Trio and Vestbo Trio working together on same release.
Uffe steen has also published 1 jazz guitar and 3 blues textbooks  and is a Docent at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark
Uffe Steen is recognized in both Denmark and abroad for concerts and CDs, with the most  respected danish jazz musicians, and has accompanied and played with internationally renowned artists such as Adam Nussbaum, Alex Riel, Bob Rockwell Joye Baron, Jeff Ballard,

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